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Intuitive Paint Pouring

You may call it fluid art, flow art, liquid art, pour painting or acrylic pouring, chances are good that you’ve come across this art form once or twice while scrolling through Facebook!  In any case, Pour painting is where you mix acrylic paints and then pour them onto a canvas. By literally pouring it on! That is right no brushes required!

Regardless if you are a beginner, hobbyist, or just want to try something new, Fluid Acrylic (Paint) Pouring is an addictively easy and fun way to create beautiful abstract art.  The mixing and mingling of colors really sits at the heart of pour painting, and the dance with all the colors.

Pour painting is a great stress relief and is fun! As it offers a medium that is forgiving and beautiful. The process itself is freeing as the paint flows across the canvas as you gentle tilt the canvas, creating new shapes and designs.


16x20/ Earth Element

I am inspired by the Earth's innate vitality. I adore the swinging trees, the swirling, dusty mountain ranges, and the morning light. I invite you to join me in infusing my intention with your unlimited gifts, you who stand tall, you who teach us quiet serenity, and keep us close to your soul. My intention is carved into the stones, and my will has been rooted in your soil.

Zen Garden

Thank You for Sharing.

White Plants

Cassandra B,

Amazing energy here. Karen makes you feel right at home. Her class is so freeing and relaxing!  I highly recommend taking her class.  All the fun and the mess isn’t at home.

White Plants

Whitney H.

WOW! What a wonderful experience! For a mother/daughter date we had a paint pour session with Karen at Energetic Arts, and it was truly lovely! We both got to express ourselves, have some laughs, and make on of a kind—have forever art! Karen is kind, knowledgeable, and really caters to all age groups and abilities! We are already planning when to do it again! Amazing! Thank you!

White Plants

Matt S.

Thank you to Karen Smith at Energetic Arts:  It’s All About You! For the super fun paint pour class.  Bonny Schmidt and I had an awesome time. We both used the same drag technique with almost the same colors, but they turned out so drastically different. If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear we know what we were doing. Literally anyone can do this!