Jennie LaVaque

Solaris Oracles Solaris Oracles are created through a unique visualization and manifestation process that Jennie implements through her connection to her higher Self, Solaris. She incorporates Reiki energy into each of her pieces, aiding the wearer to draw from Universal energy as it is amplified by the properties of the stone and the metals it is wrapped in. A selection of her creations is available at Energetic Arts.

She also accepts custom commissions in which she works with you to select a crystal that calls to you, then wraps it intuitively for the wearer. She is considering expanding her offerings share her knowledge of wrapping via classes and workshops at Energic Arts.

Jennie is a certified Crystal Reiki Master. Tarot & Spiritual Counseling Sessions Jennie also offers her talents as an intuitive channeler and spiritual counselor through usage of Tarot cards to take you on an illustrative journey that provides insight into your spiritual evolution process. In her reading, she will look into your past foundation, your current struggles and your future outlook to provide understanding into your life lessons and how they can be used to further your soul learning. In your session, she will use her abilities to form a connection with your Higher Self. She will use this connection to provide deeper insights into the information presented in the cards. Author & Channeler Jennie first established her connection with the spiritual realm over 25 years ago. She communicates with aspects of her Higher Self, Kiederan and Solaris. Kiederan has been providing her with insights and wisdom spanning from the history of the Universe through to current events in today’s world. Solaris is her conduit to connections with the souls of other human beings and provides insight into the spiritual path of the individual. Her belief system is rooted in God as the Source of all that exists and our Connection as human beings with God living within us all. She recently chronicled her knowledge of the awakening process in her soon-to-be-released book, The Soul Key.

Here are just a couple of Jennie's amazing wrapped and Reiki infused Pendants. The Facebook button is linked right to Solaris Oracles Reiki-Charged Stones, Crystals & Custom Wraps.  Where you can check out Jennie's latest wraps. 


Owyee Blue Opal

Chakras: Throat, third eye, solar plexus

Evokes spirituality, connects inner spirit with the Universe, cloak of invisibility when invoked, eases process of change, roots out buried emotions, visualization with a new perspective, experience true vision of nature, ultimate charm fulfilling wishes.




Owyee Blue Opal

Chakras: Heart, Crown, Third Eye

Named for it connection to the highest rank of angels: divine energy, joy, release of that which no longer serves.




Owyee Blue Opal

Chakras: Third Eye, Throat, Crown

Protects against negativity and misfortune, transformation, useful during periods of turmoil or great change, reveals truth behind illusions, banishes fear, helps increase strength in trust of the Universe.